W. R. (Robert) Sullivan, Legion, Texas


W. R. Sullivan correspondence, ending in 1942, was obtained in 2020 from U. T. Austin,Texas Briscoe Center For American History.  So why did his correspondence end along with disappearance of W. R. Sullivan feeder in 1942?  It appears this stems from the beginning of World War II in December 1941.  On April 27, 1942 U. S. families began registering for ration books for 'sugar'.  World War II sugar rationing is covered well in following link by author, Sarah Sundin who writes of this era ...  What is it about the World War II era that fascinates us?

Wartime commodity (sugar) rationing effectively ended Legion Hospital patients' hummingbird feeding program... it's just that simple. The link below is to a 'personal ad' placed in the Kerrville Mountain Sun on April 29, 1943... personal ad placed by "The Hummingbirds".  It confirms the sudden and long lasting sugar shortage ... TO  EXCHANGE:. This, essentially sets the stage for rebirth of hummingbird feeding in the 1950's.




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