If you are threescore and eight in age as I, and grew up in a small town, you will remember Gibson's, a discount retail store founded in Little Rock, AR, predating Kmart and Walmart.

Herbert R. Gibson, Sr. (1901-1986), through Gibson's and its franchisees, operated almost 700 stores located throughout much of the United States. "H. R. Gibson was a modern discount retailing pioneer, entering the field in 1958, four years ahead of Kmart, Target, and Walmart. As an early business rival of Sam Walton, Gibson influenced discounting and management practices that Walton later used to surpass Gibson and make Walmart the world's largest retailer."

As best I can determine, there are two (2) Gibson's (franchisees) remaining in the U.S. - - Kerrville, TX and Weatherford, TX, and I happen to live in Kerrville, TX.

So why invest this time in writing about Gibson's, a Kerrville, TX tourist destination? To begin, I am  an antiquarian. I still have my first car ('67 Mustang), still play golf with high school golf team "First Flight" persimmon driver & 3 wood, Jackie Burke Jr. blade (putter), and still have my first wife (she asks why she is always mentioned last!) I save the "best for last".

More to the point, Gibson's is my only retail customer. To those in Kerrville who inquire about purchasing a Tejas Feeder, I say "go to Gibson's... they have everything." 

If you've visited Kerrville Gibson's while vacationing and did not make that certain purchase, Gibson's is happy to make the sale and send it to you.  ... best MLL



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